2004-12-09 10:12:29 ET

A bar that serves fish n' chips or a fish n' chips joint that serves beer/ale? What say you folks?

2004-12-09 10:24:15 ET

Wel, are you looking to drink or eat fish 'n' chips?

2004-12-09 10:25:20 ET

I need to do both at the same time, that's the point.

2004-12-09 10:26:52 ET

My point is that a bar that serves fish 'n' chips would be a good place to go if you want to drink more than beer. But a fish 'n' chips join is good if you want to eat fish 'n' chips and have a fish 'n' chips joint atmosphere.

2004-12-09 10:30:45 ET

Depends on which you want more quality from. Just read resturaunt reviews and look for a bar that has the "Best fish n chips in town"

2004-12-09 11:59:05 ET


2004-12-10 13:17:28 ET

i hate fish...ha but i love beer, and chips, so you could go with beer n' chips

2004-12-10 13:17:49 ET

oh yeah, chips n' beer

2004-12-12 10:33:16 ET

I'd go to the fish n' chips and get lots o' beer

2004-12-12 11:08:52 ET

fish and chips joint that sell beer rather than the other way around.

2004-12-12 13:20:42 ET

Thank's to all for your participation. Maybe I'll get the asian lady behind the counter to fetch me some brew!

2004-12-13 23:40:25 ET

ale sounds good!

2004-12-14 12:42:53 ET

Wow, a lady that knows the taste of ale.

2004-12-15 02:55:08 ET

there is a beer comapny in Canada and their stock symbol is ALE, it trades on the TSX. Great pints too, called Sleemans.

2004-12-15 07:18:13 ET

bows, thank you tetesuro .
Sleemans sucks. Well, i don't like it, anyway. I prefer Hopgoblin =)

2004-12-15 15:30:26 ET

my beer drinking, fish eating buddy, so, how was the night? did you get any ale?

2004-12-15 19:08:20 ET

Nah, I haven't even been out of the house during the past two days. My first final exam of the semester is tomorrow so no ale until Saturday. Thanks for asking though, you're such a sweet lady. :)

2004-12-16 04:38:49 ET

Sleemans is amazing but it need to be cold and preferably after some labour. Hard work always makes beer taste better to me.

2004-12-16 07:14:44 ET

good luck with your exams, my friend has been studying her ass of, today are his last exams. anyways, i am still in high scholl, hence no exams for me till january. though, your school (well universiity) is over after hyour exams, and i still have to suffer =)

2004-12-16 07:15:45 ET

for me beer is good when i am in a good company of friends. actually it is guines that we ussusally drink, guiness is ale, too =)

2004-12-16 10:34:14 ET

guiness is stout though, right?

2004-12-16 14:13:17 ET

...and Draught =)

2004-12-16 20:06:09 ET

drunk is drunk...once your past the first 7 or 8 it all tastes the same, but if your lookin for taste as far as havin one or two with your meal, i'd go with guiness

2004-12-17 00:15:32 ET

Funny,me, I could never stand beer with a meal unless it was like a curry or something spicy.

2004-12-17 01:34:56 ET

That's ok, there are lesser men who never finsh their pints *ahem* Firebird.

2004-12-17 01:53:40 ET


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