Work scuked today!
2005-01-11 17:07:49 ET

My boss was a bit bothered that I didn't get anywhere with this 3d drawing he had me working on today. He still hasn't taught me much of what I need to know about the spec/drawings he gave me. On top of that, he was out of the office all day and he wasn't even answering the phone. The CAD manual and specs he gave me are all over the place so I had no idea where to look for what. He comes in at around 5 and asks, "8 hours, what did you get done?" and so I told him with a straight face that I accomplished absolutly nothing.

I'm pretty sure he was expecting that answer. It turns out that he was stuck in a meeting for most of the day. Thanks to yesterday, I have a pretty good idea of what he's up to when he's not in the office. Actually, he's never in the office when I'm there which is a bit difficult to deal with when I get stuck on something. I usually call him on his cell which must be a bitch for him to deal with but how else am I supposed to get things "rock'n and roll'n"? (A catch phrase of his that's rubbing off on me) It makes me think, can I be anymore self sufficient when it comes to figuring out this stuff by myself? I think I did alright during the past three days despite today's setback. He appreciated the work I did up until friday.

So, bassically, I'm learning new software (CADWorx Plant) and learning how to read engineering specs. Up until now, I didn't know a flange from a vessel from a heat exchanger. I'm a computer nerd doing a Mechanical Engineer's job which is great with me. My ego always liked a challenge.

What I actually did for 8 hours today
-Created a bogus 3d flange using bogus measurements
-Move two vessels by 2" within the steel frame
-Learned about steel plates in CADWorx
-Learned that I'm not RTFMing enough

*not including the 5 minute game of solitaire and time staring at the wall, and lunch"

Strange that I felt like writing so much about today and not yesterday's trip to the electric plant.

I think I'll get further on the drawing tomorrow. I might even have a picture or more to show everyone.


-Garreth and Tim

2005-01-11 17:10:55 ET

money is money man

2005-01-11 17:11:58 ET

I forgot about scuk.

Anyway, I know how that shit is. They trained me for about 2 days when I first started my current job, then left me alone for an entire afternoon.

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