I've been thinking...
2005-01-19 10:16:39 ET

Maybe I should get a kilt too. Just like Lazarus Long

2005-01-19 13:59:48 ET

if you get a kilt, might as well make it a utilikilt

2005-01-19 16:58:17 ET

whatever you do, dont freeball it

2005-01-19 18:22:55 ET

These things seem a bit pricey. I hope to find a place to try 'em on though.

2005-01-23 10:04:29 ET

kilts are cool -- definately cool. What colors are you hoping for??

2005-01-23 13:14:51 ET

Maybe beige, green or black. I don't know. I'll have to wait awhile until the wheather permits kilt wearing.

2005-01-24 02:37:55 ET

you could wear tights or really high knee socks -- like thigh socks?... lol nevermind.

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