Bad Music
2005-01-24 19:50:27 ET

Is there such a thing? Discuss.

2005-01-24 19:53:54 ET

thats all i have to say on the subject.

2005-01-24 19:58:16 ET

as a musician, i'd have to say anything that impresses me, as far as song composition, and difficulty
as a faggy punk kid, anythning that makes me feel something, or talk about the problems of day to day faggie life, such as
1- long lines at starbucks
2- fights with your boyfriend
3- hard tests
4- the tv show you loved that they cancelled, and so on
However, i am not a faggy punk kid, i just did that to be fair, and show both views, there you have it tetesuro, need not reply

2005-01-24 20:05:50 ET

Wow, an excellent analysis.


Can someone else build upon this discussion?

2005-01-24 20:13:25 ET

Two words: St. Anger.

2005-01-24 20:16:54 ET

ever since metallica stopped binge drinking...

2005-01-24 20:19:00 ET

no kidding.... HIT THE SAUCE, HETFIELD!

2005-01-24 22:35:34 ET

Yea I dunno, most times I try not to say something is bad just because I dont like it, but there are also some times when I know enough to realize that it just sucks. I cant think of any examples of the top of my head though.

2005-01-24 23:12:18 ET

Damn you, I hate it when you pull punches!

2005-01-25 06:45:00 ET

some people think necro is bad, but i think he's great!

2005-01-25 12:42:03 ET

I'll play you some music that I have that is horrible. It's pure boredom.

2005-01-25 13:13:12 ET

Oh? What is this music? Offer some for download.

2005-01-25 16:26:00 ET

Mister Oil Man!! You've ruined all the water again!

2005-01-25 16:29:43 ET

Don't be sad! Be glad, cat! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH BLIND MAN!!!


2005-01-25 17:27:52 ET


2005-01-25 17:38:47 ET

To what the flower people say?

2005-01-25 17:46:15 ET

Oooo, AHHHhh-ah-ah-ah *sintar solo*

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