Amazon Reviews of Hellride
2005-04-27 06:45:36 ET

"Reviewer: Andy Reddings "Electric Blues" (Minneapolis, MN) -
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This is a redneck album, fueled by Zakk Wylde's racist beliefs.
Anyone who gives this album more than one star is racist.
btw, this is a miserable album.

Highlight: Goes well with Lynard Skynard."

Hilarity ensues...

2005-04-27 06:46:28 ET


Happy late birthday to yoU!!!



2005-04-27 06:46:49 ET

Ah, thank you:-)

2005-04-27 06:47:16 ET

Rica :) (yw) and how did it go???

2005-04-27 06:50:58 ET

You just reminded me to fix my bio too. It was alright. It was the night before that was supposed to be a blast but it really wasn't. Read Firebird's post on that death metal show for further details. My parents got me an ice cream cake with a 22 candle on top of it. It was killer!

2005-04-27 06:53:24 ET

yay I miss icecream cake! :)

2005-04-27 16:39:48 ET

Aw crap, I forgot about your birthday. I could have even supplied the cake!

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