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2005-07-14 18:19:29 ET

When I was 17 years old, I framed an ambitious and egotistical plan to take over the universe. More specifically, I expected myself to be enrolled into a leading technical school where I would reign as the best computer hacker/mathematician EVER! Well, I've been going to this so called "leading tech school" for the past 4 years. I believe I might have barely passed another math final. I have just one more of these math courses to complete and I will have completed my math requirement for my degree.

In the very near future, I must contemplate my next course of action. I've gotten through most of my classes with Cs and Ds and I am tired of getting such results. I'm falling short of my devine goal and thus, it's time for me to get my act together. I have come to the same conclusion three years ago and I was quite successful for one semester. Somehow, I have fell into this compulsive rut of failure since then. I hate being the guy that makes false promises to himself and others. Plus, I will be in a difficult position at work if I keep messing up semesters of classes. I am only vaguely sure on what is in my way.

2005-07-14 18:28:49 ET

that's exactly what's going to happen to me when i go back to school. I know this because it happened to me all throughout highschool. there'll be a couple of months where I really pull it together and stop being so lazy but it never lasts long enough.

2005-07-14 19:00:25 ET

i understand completely. my first year at msu i slacked off really badly, and now my gpa is still paying for it. i have a 2.711 and i need a 2.75 to get into grad school :/

2005-07-22 16:58:41 ET

I feel the same way with my cruddy 2.614 GPA. I'm surprised I'm even above 2.5 with the way I do in Math. I wonder if there's still a shot for 3.0, but I'm not holding out on it.

2005-07-27 05:01:37 ET

I dropped out of Turkish school if it makes you feel any better... ve şimdi tüm Türkçesi kendime öğrettim!

...and now I've taught myself Turkish! :)


2005-07-27 14:50:13 ET

You know, I'm not sure if you're from America, Turkey or somewhere else. Where are you from?

2005-07-28 02:52:57 ET

I'm from a small redneck town 45 minutes north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA called Butler. You might have heard of it -- it was listed on Jay Leno as 3rd in the nation for heroine usage (something to be proud about).

Anyways, yes, I'm an American just like you (and a crazy one at that for coming to this goddamn country!)

I wonder, are you a Masshole by any chance??? :) :)

And the next question, why the hell Turkey??


2005-07-28 15:12:46 ET

A what?! Masshole?

2005-07-28 15:15:02 ET

According to the first hit from google, a masshole is

1. (n.) Any motorist from Massachusetts.
[Topic: Travel, Submitted By: Anonymous]
2. (n.) A gigantic butt orifice. Possibly large enough to smuggle large amounts of drugs or refugees into foreign countries.
[Topic: Health & Beauty, Submitted By: Anonymous]
3. (n.) The bastard that goes 90 mph all the time, cuts you off any chance he gets, and travels a foot behind your bumper even when he has the opportunity to pass you.

That's mean stuff girl.

2005-07-28 23:42:42 ET

Nooooooooooooo yanlış anlama!!!!!!!!!! Nooooooooooooo dont get me wrong!

Joke joke! A masshole is an impatient driver from Massachusetts. The REAL question is, are you from Mass???

YOu can call me a Turk-hole now if you want me to :)


2005-07-29 00:27:17 ET

Turk-hole is where you insert the tur-ducken.

2005-07-29 15:01:29 ET

hah, how's defcon leo?

Ah, well birk, I'm a bit insensitive because I've only been driving within the last 4 months and I've made a lot of driving mistakes that make me worthy of being a Masshole. I'm from NYC, just like my faq says.

2005-08-06 09:40:03 ET

i have the same prob w/ school. i focused on schoolwork after first semester freshman year in order to forget the trauma of a near death experience in a car accident. but now i'm getting bored w/ the college and don't know what i want my major to be and feel like i'm wasting time/money.

2005-08-25 02:14:25 ET

Heh -- I'm sure I'll be a Masshole when I get back to the states. I havent driven for a year! Dont worry about it :) sarıldım (hugs)

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