Updates, updates, updates...
2006-04-25 17:54:23 ET

Well, I updated my bio on top there. I am now 23 years of age as of 04/21/06 and my current email address is gmaglio@gmail.com

In other news:
-I will be graduating school within the next two months
-I am currently looking for post-grad employment
-visited two companies so far
-SK user Firebird came to visit from Florida last saturday, fun times!
-Combat Shock is a great movie, every one should go out and grab a copy!
-Slaywhore rules!

back to work...

2006-04-25 20:34:48 ET

happy belated birfday!

2006-04-26 08:16:23 ET

yeah, happy belated birthday!

2006-04-26 19:13:11 ET

Thanks a lot ladies! Femmorpheus, I've never seen you on SK before but I just noticed your good taste in music (bands listed on top of your page). Do you listen to "Proper" Whitesnake?

2006-04-26 19:18:31 ET

doesn't ring a bell...do you recommend?

2006-04-27 11:09:08 ET

Proper Whitesnakes includes the early albums such as "Trouble" and "Lovehunter" The eary sound featured a more subtle R&B sound. I believe the singing to be better as well.

2006-04-27 14:32:10 ET

ahh, groovy

2006-05-21 14:46:59 ET

Happy belated birthday and congrats on graduating!

2006-06-24 16:06:53 ET

happy reeaally belated birthday, congrats on graduating, and good luck finding a job!

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