2003-04-18 19:33:02 ET

Look at the new gallery, maybe someone can help me out.

2003-04-18 19:47:42 ET

Ahh! A Geddy Gallery. I knew it was only a matter of time. Any plans to replace your Chronicles DVD?

2003-04-18 19:59:29 ET

I'm not sure if I have to replace it yet, I've been to lazy to test it downstairs. I'm gonna wait until my Dad goes to sleep so I don't have to here his lame puns about Geddy.

2003-04-18 20:00:18 ET

"Hey Ron, come look how gay this is"

2003-04-18 20:11:39 ET

You know, I think my dad called Geddy all the names he can think of. He said everthing from "New form of ant-eater" to "F*!#ing canadien farie!" and more!

2003-04-19 05:19:16 ET


2003-04-19 08:54:38 ET

glasses are hot. yes.

2003-04-19 09:04:48 ET

Not those glasses.

2003-04-19 09:25:50 ET

Be quiet you! Those are super cool glasses! The coolest super cool glasses!

2003-04-19 12:06:38 ET

...and btw, we can still watch subdivisions and everyting else on that dvd except the trees :-(

2003-04-19 12:47:07 ET

Except The Trees? Good.

I mean, oh, that's too bad.

2003-04-19 19:14:30 ET

personally... i think those are pretty damn hot. haha.

2003-04-20 00:36:42 ET

Jolie, you have great taste!

2003-04-20 05:44:57 ET

lol, thanks.

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