What an evening!
2003-04-19 19:05:11 ET

I follow my old man to barnes and noble to pick up a present for my uncle. The other reasons I had for going there were the following:

1) Seeing what of the latest science fiction existed
2) Reminding myself that:
-Computer literature is not worth the money
-None of these books are worth the sug. retail.
3) Checking out the fannies and boobs of all them fine ladies!

Golly gee, so fine them ladies and so many! I would go there for more chick cruising but na...
...something evil about them women.

As me and my pops walked into this place, we noticed a shelf full of discounted books. There was even a book by Nader for only 6 bux. Some lady noticing my taste recommend his autobiography. I shall follow up on this tip via other sources.

Picked up mom from work then went to some convient store I forget the name of. More fine ladies there with their lame boyfriends. Why do all boyfriends on Staten Island look the same? They all wear the same friggin baseball caps and shitty sweaters. How come girls don't choose 'em like they used to, choosing guys that look like Geddy?

2003-04-19 19:06:26 ET

many things evil about women...dont bother with us

we are not worth the time nor money

2003-04-19 20:48:05 ET

Everyone around here is the same. The kids anyway. I definately noticed it when I was going to school, but when I drive by New Dorp when people are getting out of school.. I think I notice even more how everyone tries to be like everyone else. Maybe it's just gotten worse, but everyone looks and acts the same.

2003-04-19 22:47:54 ET

I went to lamours once were everyone was wearing the same aeropostle shirts... AT LAMOURS OF ALL PLACES!!! Suffice to say, the crowd began to morph into the usual scene later into the show

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