The religion spreads!
2003-04-19 23:15:04 ET

Well, I'm signing off aim as of... NOW! I just wanted to take this time to welcome Mitch to the gentoo community. If all goes well Mitch, you will be the happiest/most complete man on earth just because you're running gentoo linux ( )


2003-04-19 23:57:35 ET

Sorry I disappeared. After I installed the nvidia drivers I spent about an hour trying to get the dual display working again. I'm pretty sure I remember how to do it, but it didn't want to work. I'll mess with it more tomorrow. Right now, it's runnign pretty well. I'm going to see if I get get sound working before I go to sleep.

2003-04-20 00:35:37 ET

Sound is working... as soon as BitchX compiles im going to sleep.

2003-04-20 00:38:19 ET


2003-04-20 10:54:03 ET

i'm thinking of changing to Gentoo. The idea seems very elite.

2003-04-20 18:47:59 ET

Its very elite! *thumbs up*

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