20th Anniversery
2003-04-20 23:07:37 ET

20 YEARS OF ME as of 12am today. The celebration may last for days. It will include me going to only one class tomorrow and doing homework. On tuesday, I have planned a trip to tower records to pick up Opeth's Damnation. Even though the mp3s I have are crap quality, one could still hear their brillience and the album is worth the money I'm paying for it!

Heres some peachy keen links for the Opeth ignorant:

I found some guitar instruction video from the latter link telling you how to play the tunes from their "Blackwater Park" album. I never really heard much of that album. Perhaps I'll also purchase that album cause those mp3 suck too! Joint Stereo is bad, encode in "STEREO" or "DUAL CHANNEL" Encoding in JS makes for compressed music and Opeth sounds like shit compressed.

What I really want for my birthday is a nice Gibson Les Paul guitar but thats mucho money, money that I won't have until I have jorb!!! A jorb I say! A Jackson RR is also in the gleam of my eye.

I've considered quitting this EG tract to become a great guitarist but thats outta the cards. Like, I quit school, tell my parents that I'm working at the local fast food joint so that I can practice guitar all the time! They might go with that, I just don't know if I want that enough. I also consider the fact that I have a pretty late start in accomplishing that goal, but then again, it doesn't matter when you start, just start! The facts nontheless are that:
-Geddy and Alex formed Rush when they were 15.
-Opeth recorded their first album when they were all about 20 and were playing gigs since they were younger.
-Metallica was pretty young when they started out.
-The Beatles( John Lennon and McCartney form at 17 I believe)

...but correct me if I'm wrong but The Moody Blues were probably the oldest musicians, even in their time. John Lodge even took the time to get his EG degree. Perhaps if I survive poly, I could pursue the same fate. Perhaps I just want a cool EG jorb in the end, probably start my own company and end up like Paul Allen formorly of M$. Hes like one of the richest people in the world and plays guitar alot! I never seen him come out with his own material before and if he did, it wasn't well received.
Well, I suppose thats enough.

Happy Greg day!

2003-04-20 23:12:57 ET

Happy Birthday!

2003-04-20 23:42:46 ET

Happy Birthday!

Shigeru Miyamoto plays the guitar.

2003-04-21 06:01:28 ET

happy birthday.

2003-04-21 08:25:47 ET

Why, thank you all! ...now Mitch, tell me who Shigeru Miyamoto is.

2003-04-21 08:56:20 ET

The guy who invented Donkey Kong and almost every other Nintendo game after that.

2003-04-21 09:02:55 ET

Hope you have a great anniversary. heh

2003-04-21 13:57:51 ET

Happy Birthday!

Opeth = \m/ \m/

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