That means more than half!
2003-04-21 13:15:44 ET

I gotta a 51 on that linear algebra test, A 51! Just what I wanted. The class average was between 40 and 50 and I did better. I was laughing histerically when I saw it. The instructor (Tom) said some students did make 100 but those had to be the dudes that don't goto class cause they're sooo smart. Alot of kids seemed to have done worse. One kid gotta 58. I still have a great chance to do extremely well on the final. I'm gonna kick that finals ass. I gotta, the school is charging full price for the mini-session this summer meaning the whole class would cost me 1200 bux as opposed to the 200 that was originally charged.

2003-04-21 13:17:04 ET

eep. tests suck.

2003-04-21 13:19:40 ET

math tests suck especially

2003-04-21 17:32:50 ET

They do, especially when it cost SO MUCH money to take them.

2003-04-22 04:29:55 ET

lol yea ... im glad im not paying for school...yet.

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