2003-04-22 08:14:11 ET

(13:10:31) I Ball SoF: I keep forgetting to tell you
(13:10:34) CountMech: ?
(13:10:41) I Ball SoF: for you birthday getty lee got a restraining order against you.
(13:10:54) I Ball SoF: just kidding.
(13:11:02) I Ball SoF: He wants to keep his glasses.
(13:11:04) CountMech: its Geddy btw, not getty!
(13:11:07) CountMech: lol
(13:11:10) CountMech: haha
(13:11:12) I Ball SoF: That's what I said.
(13:11:17) I Ball SoF: I have a speech impediment.

2003-04-22 08:18:38 ET


2003-04-22 13:43:56 ET

I love speech impediments that carry over into typing

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