I hate this!
2003-04-28 12:12:54 ET

"Com at satday nine ta too" NO!
"You need to back this all up with thoughts" NO!

This is gay and this 3 line post took hours to write!

2003-04-28 12:17:29 ET

huhhhh? what? I don't get it!

2003-04-28 12:27:56 ET

Did your laptop die or something?

2003-04-28 12:30:51 ET

Coma tsat day nine tatoo hmm.. no that's not right..

2003-04-28 12:33:37 ET

that hurts my head

2003-04-28 12:34:42 ET

Mine too.. *ow*

2003-04-28 12:41:56 ET

The first quote is from my tawanese math teacher telling the class to come on saturdays from 9am to 2pm. The second is from my Russian music prof who gave me a Dee on my last paper. That whole post took me so long to write cause I'm doing absolutly nothing!

2003-04-28 12:47:46 ET

hahah, I get it now.
mmmm russian people...

2003-04-28 12:59:59 ET

ha..I had something going though..

2003-04-28 17:59:57 ET

Why Saturday 9am-2pm? Math on Saturdays; argh

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