My brothers' useless!
2003-04-30 13:44:24 ET

I'm trying to convince my brother to stop using KrAp-ZaA (it eats lots a baud on a bad day) but he won't hear it! I offered him an account on a very reliable and massive ftp site that runs on my school's network but he likes the ease of searching through Crap-Za. My other bitch is that hes eating hard drive space with Crap-Za bullshit. I can use that space to back up my stuff ( Probably better off listening to my mp3s ). Heres some points about KrAp-Za.

1) The music found on Crap-ZaA usually comes in singles (not albums) that are of pretty bad quality ( Joint Stereo anyone? )

2) I'm on a shared internet connection with someone using CrAp-Za, this makes my web browsing very sluggish.

3) The music on Crap-ZaA seems to be mis-named. I took a peek into my brother's mp3 folder and I found such hits as:
Pink Floyd - School's Out For Summer
Alice Copper - Leave Those Kids Alone

...and much-much more.

I'm just tired of seeing people using KrApZa! Its dumb and useless and not very reliable. "waiting for more sources" and all that. Theres other ways to get good music/pr0n or whatever.


FTP: Theres a alot of FTPs that are accesible but you should hook with them via IRC.

USENET: quite nice!

2003-04-30 13:49:40 ET

IRC and USENET are good, but I used Kazaa if I can't find what I'm looking for on either of the first two. I usually don't find it on kazaa anyway though, so yea, it sucks. Does Ron have file sharing enabled? I know it sort of defeats the purpose of p2p... but it's most likely the uploads that are killing your bandwidth, so tell him to disable it.

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