You know???
2003-04-30 14:49:35 ET

How come preppie-people don't have LJs or SKs. Excuse my stereotyping but I've never seen any online journal post that resembles... "We lost against <pust HS name here>." or "Today, me, vin and ang went drink'n!" or "I went to the mall to buy some GIANT WHITE SNEAKERS and some clothes ( That say aeropostale or whatever the fuck)" ...for the ladies: "I hung out with mike today" or "I <3 my sistas!"
AOL hometown is great when it comes to all that I guess but members there never update.

2003-04-30 14:56:37 ET

actualy, you are wrong. we have got some ppl in SK that write stuff about malls and hanging out with some ppl (Mikes,John,and others). You probably, just never had luck to read their journat entries.
p.s. it's okey, i'm very stereotypical myself =)

2003-04-30 15:16:59 ET

No-no-no, I mean, like... Where did all the Jox go?

2003-04-30 15:24:04 ET

Oh, I don't think that they have ver been to Sk, first thing first =)

2003-04-30 15:28:26 ET

But how come? I never even seen on LJ. I just think the whole thing is pretty funny/ironic. Nice cons btw, I have 2 pairs myself ;)

2003-04-30 15:40:41 ET

heh, thanks =)

2003-04-30 17:03:08 ET

We lost against Tottenville today. After the game, me, Vin and Ang went drinking. Man we got so fucked up, then we raced our Hondas. Oh yea and before that I went to the mall and got the new $240 Nikes, and some hot clothes and shit at Abercrombie and Fitch. On the way out I made fun of the goths in Hot Topic. What's wrong with those kids? Why don't they just play some sports and wear normal clothes like everyone else.

2003-04-30 17:19:01 ET

I don't like sports so I play a musical instrument instead. Its called the skin flut and its very musical. I tune it all over "normal cloths"

2003-04-30 17:24:10 ET

And just to keep the whole Jock thing going,

OMG U FAG LOLOLOL!!!@@!!!!11

2003-04-30 18:06:20 ET


2003-04-30 19:37:32 ET


2003-05-01 09:19:40 ET

FUCK THAT! NEW DORP FOOTBALL SUCKS! PORT RICHMOND WILL 0wn j00 (using j0x0r-h4x0r sp34k)

2003-05-01 09:22:46 ET

New Dorp football DOES suck.

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