2003-05-03 12:30:26 ET

(17:16:26) I Ball SoF: today is free comic book day
(17:16:34) CountMech: You kidding?
(17:17:12) I Ball SoF: nope
(17:17:53) CountMech: Like, every comic store in the city is giving all there comics aways for free.
(17:17:54) CountMech: ?
(17:18:56) I Ball SoF: no all of them but some
(17:19:07) CountMech: Which ones
(17:22:21) CountMech: ...and which stores?
(17:22:32) I Ball SoF: all of them
(17:22:41) CountMech: C000l!!!!
(17:25:49) CountMech: this sux, I'm sitting in the middle of the second floor at poly waiting for a friend to get here.
(17:26:17) CountMech: We're gonna get tix to see Maiden, Motorhead and Dio.
(17:27:18) CountMech: Shit, hes' already late!
(17:27:32) CountMech: It closes at six.
(17:28:04) CountMech: Well, atleast my wireless card is pretending to work.

I've been out of Math for over an hour already, WTF?!

2003-05-03 12:44:38 ET

is that everywhere in the us?

2003-05-03 12:59:22 ET

comic book g33ks ;P

2003-05-03 12:59:36 ET

indeed lol

2003-05-04 08:01:50 ET

I'm not sure if its everywhere in the US but I went to this place in greenwich villiage and and they gave me and my friend a free batman comic. I also brought spawn and hellspawn issues.

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