Well, I might as well tell you a little story. (my comment on Los Alamos's page)
2003-06-18 19:03:39 ET

Once upon a time when I was seventeen (when you were seventeen), I applied for a job at the local shoprite. When I first walked in on the scene, I was told to... "WAIT IN LINE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!" My mother was doing the weekly food shopping.

The lady interviewed me, asking me questions that were scripted on a piece of paper. That didn't go so well since I answered most of the questions with "I don't know" and "Ummmmmmmm, next one please." After this small interrogation and the filling out of this form, I was offered a chance to take "The Reed SURVEY" either on the spot or tomorrow. She told me it would only take me 30 minutes. I decided until the next day to come back.

I answer these 'survey' questions with all my honesty. I took note that these questions seemed to be meant for ONE HELL OF A SURVEY. After I completed the survey in the employee lounge. I was told that I would have to take a drug test within the next three days. She wished me luck and it seemed I was getting this job pending the drug test (thank god I didn't do drugs AT ALL in those days). To take this drug test, I would have to ask my dad to drive me to other side of Staten Island on a saturday morning. With my thanks, he drove me so that I could piss in this cup for some indian guy. This was all on the same day that I would be attending H2K (http://www.h2k.net).

After a couple of weeks, I was sent a letter from the shoprite HQ (the one in New Jersey) thanking me for my interest in "joining the shoprite team" and to inform me that they couldn't hire me cause they had enough people. They would keep my application for 90 days and bleh!

Two years later (over a year ago in may), I applied again and wasn't bothered to take the drug test. No one got back to me even though I knew for a fact they were hiring (from the help wanted sign and from what my mom was telling me of a friend who works there)

So, the moral of the story is FUCK SHOPRITE!!!!!!!!!!! ...well, their groceries are better than that of waldbuams but FUCK SHOPRITE!!!!!!!!!

2003-06-18 19:15:01 ET

But Shoprite sells cheap DVD players that are easily hacked into being region free, and they non-standard SVCDs.

Anyway, we do most of our shopping at Pathmark anyway.

And yea, I never got a job at any of the places I went to either.

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