Who wants a tub-steak?
2003-06-19 17:28:22 ET

(22:17:24) CountMech: I wanna stick my tube-steak inside your sister.
(22:17:43) Venadium23: haha
(22:17:48) Venadium23: what'ya got for trade?
(22:18:45) CountMech: Some job experience and some education.\

I really wish looking for employment was that simple. I went to only four places today but they're all so out of the way from eachother. I have friends that work at two of those places. I applied at "Hollywood Video" where I applied electronically on some phone with a lcd screen on it. My friend Krissy (who was working today and who I havent seen in awhile) suggested I apply for the new gaming substore since they're opening up and looking for new people. I forgot to mention on the application how much I like and play games. Honestly though, I havent really play many console or major PC games latly.

2003-06-19 17:48:29 ET

Those HireLink phones are fun to hack. The password to get to all the interesting functions is usually the store number. You can then actually make phonecalls with the phone, and a bunch of other useless things. I wrote an article about this for some zine that never got past the first issue.

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