Rubber chux.
2003-06-19 17:43:18 ET

You know? Pieces of my chux are falling out. Every other day or so, a piece of rubber gets dislodged somewhere in the sneaker and I end up steping on these pieces. I'm not sure what these pieces are until I get home to watch the rubber chips fall out of my show.

2003-06-19 17:45:00 ET

how sad :/

2003-06-19 17:47:12 ET

Time for new shoes I guess. Maybe you should consider a nice pair of boots.

2003-06-19 17:47:47 ET

You know, this didn't happen to my other pair of chux. Its very strange I think.

2003-06-19 17:49:13 ET

Maybe you stepped in something that's killing the rubber.

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