Hey maam, check out this model! It really sucks!
2003-07-08 13:10:38 ET

CountMech: hey, I went to this job interview today.
Venadium23: how did it go?
CountMech: From the ad in the advance, I didn't know what it was or where it was until I showed up today. They were asking for general help. I called yesterday and they told me to drop in full dress today between 12 and 3pm. Its on Victory Blvd off Richmond Ave.
Venadium23: what is the place?
CountMech: It turns out to be some merchantile company and they want me to sell vacumm cleaners. UNPAID training would start tomorrow at 9am and continue till friday.
Venadium23: hahaha
CountMech: exactly
CountMech: The other end of the coin we have atleast a $400/week pay + commision.
CountMech: They give me 15 appointments to which I will be driven to by van where I will commencing my demonstrations and offers of the vacumm cleaners.
Venadium23: that job sucks
Venadium23: ahem, bad joke
Venadium23: anyway, i dont think it's worth it. i didnt even know they still had vacuum salesmen
CountMech: 15 appointments a week that is. All the visits would be pre-arranged with the customers. They expect me to sell in 2-3 of the appointments.
CountMech: So, yes, I'm better off spending my unpaid time for the next 3 days winding up my consultation business and/or finding a better job.
CountMech: It turns out the copy center found there fucking computer person.
CountMech: I was actually misinformed by the management of which location was hiring.
CountMech: Supposely, my cousin "Danny boy" did a similer stint of selling vacumms.
CountMech: Yeah, whoever fuck needs a vacumm would goto sears I'd think.
Venadium23: haha really
CountMech: I'm gonna post this convo on SK if you don't mind.
Venadium23: no problem, since it's mostly just me going "hahaha"

Well, time to get to work on that little side business of mine until I find a real job.

2003-07-08 13:14:44 ET


Anyway, yea, I don't see why anyone would let some stranger into their home to demonstrate a vacuum cleaner. Why do they even bother anymore, with all the department stores out there. I think I've only seen a vacuum salesmen once, and that was when I was 8 or 9 and they came to my friend's house when I was over there. We were convinced they were going to rob the place or take us hostage. We watched too much TV as kids...

2003-07-08 13:27:16 ET

Its like a whole step up from that telemarketing thing I did for the SI Advance. These jobs always encourage more and more sales but this one promises more phony bullshit like trips to hershey park or some baseball game if you make the most sales. Well, atleast I know what that add in the paper was all about.

2003-07-08 15:02:28 ET

guess what. we never hired another computer person at all. the people i work for are idiots. we seriously haven't hired anyone since those signs have been up. my apologies.

as far as vacuum sales......hahahahahahaha *points and laughs*

2003-07-08 15:31:38 ET

Supposely the one on greene street was hiring. Thats where Chad referred me too eventually. Yeah, it all sounds pretty sketchy, Damn commies!

Yeah, I really don't think I'm gonna bother showing up tomorrow. I'm gonna start that neighborhood computer nerd business that my brother has more or less been doing for the last 5 years. He never made as much money as he could cause he never really asked for money, advertised or asked for business. I'll also keep looking for a real jorb.

2003-07-09 17:42:38 ET

should work...and yeah i keep forgetting about greene street. chad is cool. i'm starting a web based tutoring business with a friend of mine, so hopefully that will net me some cash.

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