2003-04-14 19:07:08 ET

The rabbits play no more,
The little birds are weary,
The buttercups are folded up -
Good night, good night, my dearie.

The children in the country,
The children in the city,
Go to their beds with nodding heads -
Good night, good night, my pretty.

- Rose Fyleman

You know it's a strange day when, to find something romantic to send to the girlfriend, you pull "The Crow" down from the bookshelf.

2003-04-10 06:45:36 ET

If life's so good, why does it hurt so bad?

2003-04-06 17:46:39 ET

I get up in the morning cause I got shit to do.
If I didn't have these responsibilities
I'd lay in bed and never cry

Why can't I write like Vic?
2003-04-04 08:48:53 ET

A man so in tune with his life
out of touch with the world.
He sees through the strife,
and tells you what you feel,
and comments of the the findings
he might find there.

Simple phrases, honest rhyme
just a guitar, or maybe a piano
in basic 4/4 time.
a voice from brooklyn
and a soul from motown
he croons from my CD player

no political message, it's just about girls
he used to know and places he's been
in his journey through this world.
honesty, integrity, humor and style
all in a lonely boy from New York.

Got To Stay
2003-04-03 14:19:47 ET

I've been crying tears
for so many years...
wondering how long
it would take
to catch to me.

Now I understand
yes, I've shown my hand
It's up to you to let me stay or to leave

Girl I've got to stay,
that's the only way
if you leave me now,
we can't work it out
try to see me stray,
if you hesitate,
please don't let it go...
hold me close, and let it grow

all those wasted times
that we spent I find
really meant more
than I ever know.
when you needed me,
I just couldn't be...
the one to find the straight and narrow

Girl, I've got to stay
that's the only way
if you leave me now
we can't work it out
try to see me stray
please don't hesistate
if you hold me close,
hold me close and let it grow

it doesn't take a desert
to show you
you know you need water to live

now you've got the choice
please don't turn your voice
in a crossway
or to sentence me.

see, we've made it here
I just won't disapeer,
and let you carve this into eternity

you just gotta let it grow
you just gotta let it grow
I've just got to let you go...
gotta let you go...

- Steve Jackson

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