You never give me your number
2003-01-17 19:46:48 ET

How come I have better luck on the internet???

Must be the approach
Approaching women has never been my strong suit.
I've never been able to simply pick a female across the room, walk up, say, "hi, nice shoes, etc, etc..."

If I have time to meet them, talk to them, build a rapport, maybe.
But just talk to them? It's beyond my ken.

Not just women, though. It's the fuckin small talk, man.
I can't make chit-chat, with anyone.
The weather, sports, bringing up meaningless shit seems, well, meaningless.
I'd rather have a conversation, and see where things lead - find out about someone through what they actually have to say. This goes for men & women.
I dunno. I think small talk leads nowhere.
small talk,
small minds,
small people.
dead end conversation leads to dead end relationships.
conversation is the doorway to the long highway.

I dunno.
we'll see where this road goes.

You Never Give Me Your Money
2003-01-17 04:38:01 ET

Yeah, so I'm probably going to use this webpage as my creative writing journal.

that way I can write thoughts and stuff,
as well as post my writings,

and you, my loyal fans,
can comment on them.

Right now I have nothing to say, though.

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