The Girl
2003-01-21 19:41:23 ET

"I'll be number two
if it means a chance with you
but baby can't you see
I just can't be number three.

I'll be the other guy, but never just another guy."

what is it about her?
there's got to be something there.
she keeps coming back
and I never leave.
we're stuck together
though we don't get why.
She likes me
or so I think
and I'm her man
as long as that lasts
no commitment
no expectations
no big deal
then why can't we make it work?

and I wonder
what the world would be
her hair
her eyes
her smile
her voice
her neck
her fingers
her legs
her brain
her lungs
her veins
her heart


2003-01-20 20:43:06 ET


I need to write, but my mind can't think of anything interesting.
maybe I could write a poem about all the girls I've ever wanted.

Amber Hill,Megan Gordon,Angel Giles,Arwen,that Girl from cheerleading,Jen Fox,Kelly Check,Paulette,Shannon,Krista Pomanti,Bridget Kinnon,Paulette(again),Kristen,Sascha,that red-head chick,Eileen Coughlin,Mo Langley,Sarah York,Cheroc...
all the girls at ska concerts.
And still I am alone.
I think I like girls with odd names.

wow. that was sad.
Moving on.
I think it's funny that I'm making a 16 minute long short film, made up of 12 short stories, which I am going to take, and edit into one bitchin music video for a Badly Drawn Boy song. How about that for using people??
sometimes it's good to do tis, though, and just let the mind fow. see what comes out.
I knowthat poem about NYCthat I jotted down has something to it. it feels likeit's got somewhere to go, something to say. I think it might be a song somewhere along the line, but I tried to enter some lines, and only came up with

The city sits like my future.
the city is my future.
something in it is calling to me
or maybe it's just my "Calling"
to be drawn to such scene.
I went back to the city tonight
to make a declaration
to the nights
and fights
and traffic lights
and especially to Penn Station
to the graffitted walls
to the smokestacks in the streets, spewing forth steam from somewhere deep in the bowels of the city
to the people walking with guitars
to the teenagers stumbling out of bars
to the pants stores, open until 2am
and the restaurants that close at 10
to the bums who refuse a slice of pizza
while eating oranges from their bag that says "hungry, please help."
to the chess-playing hobos in Central Park
and the Ground Zero rubberneckers
to the punks and the goths
sharing drinks t the same bar
while the politicians and the stock brokers
plan to demolish their front yards
to the construction cones surrounding nothing
on an empty city street
while the horns in the alley go beep-beep-beep
to the hi-rise apartment
to the sub-basement dancehalls
to the screaming from windos
and the dimes dropping from buildings
to the Tri-Bourough area
and the Upper Upper Bronx
"I've come back to the city.
and you'll never notice."

1/20/03 12:00pm-1:42am

2003-01-19 14:01:22 ET

Fuckin Eagles.
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They should make commercials like this.
2003-01-18 23:34:22 ET

Tickets (for two) to see the
Rudy Crew,
King Django
& the Vic Rice Octet - $24.00
a soda - $3.00
Vic Rice "Live @ Version City" - Free
(thank you insurance money)
Parking - $10.00
Getting to see the re-united members of the Stubborn All-Stars (minus Lord Sluggo) perform "Tin Spam" - Priceless.

There are some things money can't buy.
For everything else there's a mildly unhealthy dedication to Ska Music.

2003-01-18 23:20:43 ET

Tonight I went back to the city
to get some inspiration
I went back to the city
to make a declaration
to see the dirty sidewalks
and the cleaned up subway cars
to walk the busy streets,
and the empty alleyways
I went back to the city tonight
to find something I'd lost
to meet someone new
and to discover what the cost
would be if I never came back.
I went back to the city tonight
and I'm kinda glad I did.

The city just does that to me.
It's so big, it's a world in an of itself.
It (seemingly) needs nothing,
yet it can't survive on its own.
I would eat itself to survive if it had to.
I went back to the city tonight.

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