2003-07-31 07:28:31 ET

*bangs head against wall*

2003-07-31 07:28:56 ET

uhm what happened?

2003-07-31 07:31:45 ET

i hear that hurts.

2003-07-31 09:40:35 ET


2003-07-31 11:09:06 ET

Job hunting = suck.

but it's allright, tommorrow I'll be in Manhattan, on my way to Connecticut for the week.


2003-07-31 11:15:44 ET

very yey.

manhattan...i see it everyday so hopefully you'll see some excitement.

2003-07-31 11:24:21 ET

oh. yea i'm about to job hunt too

2003-08-07 20:01:46 ET

here, put this pillow between you & the wall.

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