2003-11-28 17:40:11 ET

Goddamn, I haven't updated in awhile.
could be because I haven't had a free half-hour to myself to sit and write in almost 3 weeks.
Stay in school, kids. Listen to your uncle ric.

I guess I'll give you this one -
I came up with it on the spot, when my girl woke me at 12:30am to ask her to tell her a story so she could sleep.

"There once was a girl who couldn't sleep. She tried everything, but she still laid awake in her bed. So eventually she got up, and decided to put a puzzle together. It was a puzzle she'd found in the closet, after her family had moved into the house. It was of a pastoral, French country-side. Something Monet would have painted.
As she put the puzzle together, she began to see the trees move and the waves crash on the shore. the picture began to grow into the third dimension. As she put it together, people on the streets began to move, and one waved to her. It came upon the girl to try to enter the puzzle, so she got onto the table and easily walked into the picture-world. Sitting with a couple on a picnic blanket, she stared and absorbed the painted world around her. It was then that the picture-people told her the awful truth of her situation.
It seems the puzzle-door swings only one way, and that the only way for her to exit and return to the real world would be if someone were to finsh the puzzle, reach in and take her out. She was stuck in the puzzle world until then.
The next morning, the girl's family found her missing, and were paniced. at the time, no one even noticed the puzzle. Her parents hung signs up along the city streets, asking everyone they knew if someone had seen her. No one, of course, had. After time, the family took apart her room and packed up all her things, putting the puzzle, in pieces back in the box, back in the closet. Later, un-able to stand living where they had lost their daughter, the family sold the house and moved, leaving the puzzle in the closet.

The man who bought the house was named Stanley Spencer. A lonely widower, who spent his days wandering his new residence, looking for left treasures. It was weeks before he came upon the girl's room and the puzzle in the closet.
But, having nothing better to do, he decided to put together the puzzle. As he pieced it together, though, he found that it was not at all what was shown on the outside of the box. Instead of a picturesque landscape, it was simply a portrait of a girl. The same girl that first found this puzzle, only years older. As he completed the puzzle, the girl waved at him, and beckoned him to take her hand. Once he did put his hand out, and into the picture, she grabbed ahold and climbed her way out.
Once out, she explained her story, and found that she and Stanley got along quite nicely. A tad bitter at her family for leaving, she decided to stay in her home with her rescuer, and she and Stanley lived happily every after."

Not word for word what I came up with a couple nights ago, but the gist is the same.

2003-11-28 20:59:44 ET

*claps* I like your story! Good show man, jolly good show!

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