8/04/04 - Ruder Than You @ Doc Watson's, Philadelphia, PA
2004-08-05 02:58:56 ET

A ska show?
In Philly?

Trust me, I was as surprised as you folks.
But it was certainly a good time. The concert was held in an attic space above the bar, and it was pretty cool. Maybe 40 people showed up, but it was a 21+ show on a Wednesday - what do you expect? Bob from DCSka was there, which was cool; haven't talked to him in awhile...
Oddly enough, he was the only person I recognized from the scene, but that's allright.

Las Cabriolas weren't too bad - especially (ex-Slacker) Alan Teboul on drums. Where'd he come from? is he actually part of the band? Just surprised me to see him up there. I expect to see good things out of this band, but for now, they were just allright. I do give them props for covering "Watching the Dectectives" - solid.

Ruder Than You were too much for me last night. I'm getting too old for ska. give me rocksteady, and I'll be allright.
All this fast dancing and jumping around just wears me out.
RTY played alot of new stuff, which is allright, except for the fact that I couldn't sing along.
They did play "I want Justice" at the end, at, like, twice speed, which was wild. Also, it seems they're going in a more ska-rock or ska-core bend than their older stuff, which is nice to see that some people with a clue are going to carry that mantle since the BossToneS are kaput... sigh.

anyway... there were maybe 2 or 3 more bands, but I left after RTY. I'd had a nice night out; a fun way to spend an hour in Philadelphia; supported the ska scene and danced my ass off on a Wednesday.
So, out of 10, I give this show a 7.6

2004-08-05 03:02:18 ET

holy.. concert.. history.. well at least you had fun and danced yoru ass off

2004-08-05 06:00:19 ET

Hey there Big Daddy, I think that somewhere they must have clinics for these kinds of mildly unhealthy addictions.

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