2006-07-23 02:53:24 ET

The wonderful Helen/Goldfishdreams and Adrian have redesigned my website for me! And it's all shiny and new!! Go look!

I've decided I should be kept away from blokes at all costs now, I just myself into one silly situation after another.

2006-07-23 05:00:16 ET

Your website is adorable--I love the kitty theme! And your work is amazing--you have increadible talent.

2006-07-23 10:44:59 ET

I really like the photo with the girl holding a blue ring in front of her eye.

2006-07-26 07:42:58 ET

Thankyou :) Yeah that's my favourite photo too analog sky.

2006-07-26 16:48:30 ET

I took the bait and went to look at your site... what fun! I really enjoyed the pics, but I wonder why you chose to put them all in black and white? I really liked the photos of goldfishdreams in color -- beautiful work!

2006-07-27 09:54:53 ET

Cos they looked a bit mismatched in colour.. yeah the photos of goldfishdreams are my best photos for a while, hopefully be pinning her down for some new photos soon (not literally...)

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