Love sucks, hard.
2006-03-18 07:54:34 ET

Well, im good as dead.
I'm involved with 3 girls, not by my choice ofcourse... but by thier and my... well... you know =\.
Now i'm not the cheating-bastard type (and technicly im not one right now since i didn't commit to any one of these girls or hinted a chance of commiting...)
I Have 3 girls maybe you can help me "choose" cause i don't want to keep fooling 2 other girls...
The first one is a cool, free and funny girl and she really likes me and i like her, but she lives quiet far andi can't quiet trust her (since her personalty is frighteninly like mine).
the other one has, had a boyfriend and she cheated on him... well... with me, but anyway, she broke up with him right after we've been toghter... which was yesterday.
and also yesterday (after i was with her) i went to a party with 2 of my friends, the host was the girl in the last picture i gave ya'll (from the purim party), and we hooked up.
After we hooked up i thought i will chose her over the other 2, and then in the morning, i was told she broke up with her boyfriend...... for me :|.
So now i got the choose,
the first girl is kinda out cause she lives far, although she's perfect for me.
the second one broke up with her boyfriend for me, she's sweet and good looking but sometimes i feel like we don't have alot in common, or atleast not discoverd, we just enjoy each other's company.
and the third, she's cool, nice, good looking girl. also we have some common things like music and movies and that stuff.

So you guys who now know all the details, with whom should i go?

in other note,
i love cheese, god that cheese in a can is a blissssssss.

2006-03-30 16:25:30 ET

I saw a movie like that. In the end, the three girls ended up not wanting the guy. lol

2006-04-08 08:38:59 ET

I saw a movie like that, but it ended in a money shot.

Sorry buddy, I can't help you here, best way is to follow your instinct.

2006-04-27 06:18:24 ET

i say leave them all.

and not to be mean (and off topic) but whats with the flood of Israel 16-17 yr olds? is it like everyone in your school getting on here?

im sorry that was rude, im just curious.

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