boom    2004-09-05 02:13:18 ET
3 rockets landed right smack in the middle of our camp 2 days ago. noone was hurt. God was watching out for us that day. One of them landed about 50 meters from some of my buddies. *whew*

     2004-09-05 02:07:06 ET
finally, i got my coffee. i had to go all the way back to the px, but now i have enough coffee for about 3 weeks. *whew*

I get to resume martial arts crosstraining tomorrow. Excited about that.

     2004-09-04 09:40:24 ET
if i could pull all the hurt and anger out of my chest it would be enough energy to annihilate the human race
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 hahaha    2004-09-03 22:25:19 ET
I'm an idiot.
i went to the px yesterday and left without half the stuff i went there for. So, needless to say, i'm going back there today.
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     2004-09-02 22:04:48 ET
Somehow I lost my way
And now itís clear to me
All that I fought so hard to keep
Is all I had to leave

I know you can't hear me
And you wonít believe me
But there is something I must say here
Before I fade away
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