a 'starryeyed' tonalwar    2004-09-07 00:27:01 ET
talked to my little Cannary last night! Wow, it was wonderful to hear her voice! *swoons*
I can't wait to see her!!!!

 chi revisited    2004-09-07 00:24:48 ET
had a good workout this morning. Then I had my second kungfu/ Aikido lesson! Wow, it was great! I love crosstraining! A Sergeant in my unit trained all his life in kungfu and Aikido in Puerto Rico and Japan and is teaching me for free!! We have alot of fun!

 chi    2004-09-06 09:03:07 ET
wow my first kung-fu lesson was awesome! rock! We are going to the gym to practice some more tomorrow.

 today rocks!    2004-09-06 01:22:36 ET
killer workout!

martial arts lesson!

calling cannary tonight!

 lots happened today    2004-09-05 02:28:35 ET
tried out some new protein powder. I like it a lot. plus I get 50% of my calcium in one protein shake. perdy cool!

today, i'm going to the gym yet again. my legs are a little sore from yesterday, maybe today i'll do low impact cardio, like the eliptical machine or something. I would ride the bike,but it makes my butt hurt too much.

Got to talk to my little cannary last night on aim *swoons/warm fuzzy*. That single-handedly improved my morale 250%!!! The girl is amazingly incredible!!!

Our unit organized a football team today. I'm not playing, i'm more of a baseball fan, but its cool that the rest of the guys will have something to look forward to.

My kick target finally came in the mail. FINALLY. I am going to do some kick drills later to try it out.

thats about it.


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