today rocks!
2004-09-06 01:22:36 ET

killer workout!

martial arts lesson!

calling cannary tonight!

2004-09-06 01:33:48 ET

what kinda workout you do?

2004-09-06 02:41:20 ET


upperbody endurance weights: push ups, crunches and obliques, curls, shrugs

cardo: 30 minute run or eliptical workout

2004-09-06 02:51:31 ET

that's cool i need to do this stuff... so i don't loose what i've gained haha

2004-09-06 02:52:06 ET

i should post a chesticular pic... that way i have somethin' to look back on when it's gone haha

2004-09-06 04:43:33 ET

thats insane workout

2004-09-06 08:52:54 ET

thanks :) i made it up myself :)
its based on the U.S. Army Special Forces principle: most people work out and alternate cardio and strength exercises every other day. so, you body gets conditioned to 48 hour rest cycles. this way, when you do it everyday, you just force your body to adapt to 24 hour rest cycles instead. and essentially double your performance/result time. the idea is "your body will find a way to adapt to whatever workout you force it to do, to accomodate itself"

2004-09-06 10:17:39 ET

..... so hot

2004-09-06 15:53:23 ET

that it does... :::nods:::... i really need to stop bein' lazy... go endurance walking to k-ville soon maybe...

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