I'm Back!
2003-08-03 10:52:25 ET

How refreshing, that's just what i needed!!! I missed you all bunches!

2003-08-03 11:08:40 ET


2003-08-03 11:15:05 ET

*breaks out the chips and dip*

2003-08-03 13:08:42 ET

Glad you're back!

2003-08-03 15:18:27 ET

I am so glad you are back. For I missed you so.

2003-08-03 18:05:25 ET

awwww. i missed you too

2003-08-03 19:13:11 ET

u military dude? my brother is going into the navy August 18th. its all scareylike..

i didnt know u before, but welcome back!

2003-08-04 19:34:37 ET

yay, youre such a stud

2003-08-04 19:39:27 ET

Playground: yup, i'm in the Army. thats cool, my friend Micahla is in the navy. thanx

Justyne: awww. thanks :)

2003-08-05 10:21:48 ET

welcome back!

2003-08-07 12:59:53 ET

Hey T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What happened to you? Where have you been i mean! I missed ya!

2003-08-07 16:51:27 ET

Hey! I found out that my son graduates navy boot at 9:00 in the morning on 911. What ya think o that?

2003-08-07 19:14:43 ET

wow! that is quite a thing to hear!

2003-08-07 20:33:24 ET

woah.. quite a .. i cant spell coincidence

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