new place.
2003-08-16 17:53:36 ET

sorry everyone i've been moving into a new appartment. its been a very large undertaking. but, i'm all moved in now. I'm going to get a new computer soon and then i'll be on constantly. I haven't forgotten about you all.
my new number is. 254-547-5211 in case anyone was wondering.

2003-08-19 20:50:52 ET

enjoy the new pad.

2003-08-21 14:38:52 ET

good be on alot.. youre never on.

2003-08-22 08:51:14 ET

lol i'm really sorry. soon, i promise. give me a week.

2003-08-22 12:48:50 ET

you got a week! ::smile:: hehe

2003-08-25 12:13:05 ET

lol. its logged, sug. I'll be ready

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