2003-09-04 10:55:31 ET

now all moved into the new appartment and settled in. Just got a cable modem set up. *rock* Our neighbors are all really cool. I live next to a bunch of other band soldiers who just so happen to be the ones i like, so thats good news. hmmmm. what else is new? throwin a bbq this weekend. ahh, beer and bbq, is there anything better? I hope a lot of people show up. i think i've invited half the united states army!

2003-09-04 11:37:32 ET

thats great. :0)

my mom was in the army.

2003-09-04 16:40:12 ET

wow thats a lot of people..

2003-09-04 16:53:10 ET

likeness: cool, what did she do?
Paper: you have no idea lol are YOU coming?

2003-09-04 17:01:41 ET

she went through basic training then in the middle of it got pregnant with ME.

2003-09-04 17:03:50 ET

hehe i cant man you live 50 billion miles away.. not really but ya. i wish i could though!

2003-09-04 17:07:46 ET

i wish ya could too. it'd be a blast! i love bbq's

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