2003-09-05 20:19:09 ET

aaaawwwoooooooooooooo werewolves of london.......
oh hell, i'm drunk

2003-09-05 20:27:58 ET

an american werewolf in london? or are oyu watching jackass?

2003-09-05 20:29:28 ET

lol..no you know like the song? by warren zevon? werewolves of london.

2003-09-05 20:30:02 ET

*thinks* nope. sorry.

2003-09-05 20:30:45 ET

haha. its a rare one i guess. but hilarious.

2003-09-06 00:58:41 ET

you're really an sk.net kid now... posting drunk.

2003-09-06 13:22:15 ET

dat wine

2003-09-06 16:19:12 ET

drunken happiness is good i guess. better than angry posts

2003-09-06 20:30:09 ET

you speak the truth. i often post angry. i have much pent up anger.

2003-09-07 16:45:28 ET

as do i. although my posts are usually sad n such.. i have a feelin my next one is gonna be depressing.. or maybe i'll just keep it to myself.

2003-09-07 18:20:31 ET

awww, paper. don't be sad.

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