bored off my gord
2003-09-14 12:58:39 ET

hey sk homies, what/who is your favorite:
-transformer (for those of us who are old enough to remember...*eh*)
-Ghostbuster (again, old *eh*)
-style of music
-passedtime (spelling?)
-clothing style

2003-09-14 13:01:11 ET

- Pain of Salvation, Dream Theater, Vnv Nation and Rasputina
- Shockwave :)
- Egon was totally geekc0re
- Dark City, Equilbrium, The City of Lost Children
- Synthpop and Progressive Rock
- Reading, Practicing, 3D Art
- I have no idea
- Anything with boots thank you!

2003-09-14 13:01:37 ET

now, a little about inquizitor...
-i'd have to say Dave
-Lord of the Rings
-martial arts/practicing my sax
-i like to dress up a lot (slacks n stuff) but i really like industrial too *rivits rock*

2003-09-14 13:07:20 ET

let me think....

-band: Right now i think Killswitch Engage and Walls of Jericho.
-transformer: I hate transformers.
-Ghostbuster: Egon
-movie: hmmmm 'Willow' and 'Monster Squad'
-style of music: hardcore, some punk, metal, classical, swing, jazz, and blues.
-pass time: uhhh i dont know what you mean but i guess things i like to do. Sleep and writing lyrics.
-psychologist: Freud (i swear this guy was just a pervert)
-clothing style: i will wear almost anything i like and that will look good on me. On queer eye for the straight guy. the clothing guy says if you see anything that catches your eye and you slightly like it. try it on. so i try to do that.

2003-09-14 13:11:08 ET

Right now I am just in love with Egon...thats it.

2003-09-14 13:12:07 ET

- NIN, dm, funker vogt, lords of acid, icp, the cure, INXS, duran duran (crap. I can't name just one)
- Im a girl. I played with barbies and whatnot :p
- Egon, cause I have a thing for nerds.
- Moulin Rouge, Equilibrium, the Crow, Nightmare Before Xmas (yes, I am a dork.)
- honestly, everything. I don't like particular bands, not a genre
- writing, being online, making stuff
- freud
- lazy. jeans. lots of black teeshirts. comfort =D I think Im the queen of being a bum.

Why is it your RL friends are the first to answer? lol

2003-09-14 13:13:54 ET

he was a damn sexy nerd. to bad he's kinda fat now

2003-09-14 13:30:55 ET

-Optimus Prime
-Star Wars Episode 4
-My old band
-Dr Ruth haha
-Whatever smells worst

2003-09-14 14:04:53 ET

-band- taking back sunday
-movie- the ring
-style of music
-passedtime (spelling?)- music
-psychologist-william glasser
-clothing style- emoooooooo

2003-09-14 14:14:57 ET

band: Killswitch Engage, Dream Theater, Shadows Fall, Joe Satriani
transformer:Megatron r0x0rz
Ghostbuster: Does Slimer count?
movie: Evil Dead trilogy and Night of the living dead trilogy
style of music:Metal and all its glorious sub-genres
passedtime: Computer/video games
clothing style: the kind that keeps me from inadvertantly exposing my ass to the unsuspectin populace

2003-09-15 05:21:10 ET

band: blind melon
transformer: none
ghostbuster: all about egon
movie: stand by me
music: most anything
passtime: reading, sk, movies
psychologist: freud
clothing style: don't really have one, just whatever is clean ;)

2003-09-15 14:00:23 ET

who doesnt like egon is what i wanna know?

2003-09-16 04:04:52 ET

i like venkman

2003-09-16 05:49:54 ET


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