2003-10-07 03:56:59 ET

everyone go to
its hilarious

and always remember : the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIIIGGHHHTTTT!

2003-10-07 04:15:22 ET

agreed <3

2003-10-07 07:49:26 ET

my friend (james--he's in control theory and deathline int'l) just figured out the teen girl squad song on guitar. i'm trying to get him to put it on the new ct album, but i doubt he'll do it.

2003-10-07 16:21:26 ET


2003-10-07 17:02:19 ET

shes so kule
lol "hey stupid, i brought you this stuff"

2003-10-07 17:03:13 ET

industrialyte: thats rocks! lol does he know the weird tune to strongbad's crazy cartoon, "sweet cuppin cakes"?

2003-10-08 07:17:10 ET

i dunno. . i'll ask him. :)

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