my baby
2003-10-21 17:57:32 ET

i just added a picture to my gallery. my M16A2 rifle and M203 Grenade launcher...isn't she sweet? She's just so dang cute!

2003-10-21 18:01:58 ET


but not as cute as my g3tgs...

2003-10-21 18:06:19 ET

whats g3tgs?

2003-10-21 18:22:35 ET

THAT... G3 taktikal gehwer system

2003-10-21 18:23:36 ET

you have a GEHWER???? SWEET!!!!

2003-10-21 18:24:40 ET

well, i have the grandpa of that gun, in semi auto...

2003-10-21 18:24:56 ET

nice...WWII model?

2003-10-21 18:35:04 ET

post-ww2, mauser guys working on the sturmgehwer project exiled to spain started work on a gun called a cetme, i have a model c semi-auto. and i have the training bolt action .308 mauser rifle with the same sighting system and barrel as the other.

2003-10-24 00:54:13 ET

I have a friend who has one of those, painfuly loud but its 308 YEEHAA.
Toys that kill gotta love em.
Tonal- your m16 weighs less and is more manuverable.

2003-10-24 08:14:03 ET

haha, about 5 pounds less, but who's counting ??

mine can rip through 3 bodies and plant an MOA grouping at 150 yards. haha.

anomalous, tell your friend to get an HK muzzle break for that thing, it will reduce noise and recoil greatly.

2003-10-24 15:09:18 ET

lol i can hit a person at 500 meters naked eye

2003-10-24 15:35:22 ET


2003-10-24 16:20:40 ET

Blitz- He has one thats why its so loud, the break throws the sound back as well as the flash. I'm looking to get a Moisan Nagant like the ones from Enemy at the Gates soon, 7.62x54 oughta be fun.

2003-10-24 16:35:59 ET

yeah, my friend's wife has one of those. she doesn't shoot it much. she says it feels too "foreign" to her. ha. i like those old ww2 rifles. i own a few mausers. go with an older one if you can help it. the materials started to get a little chincy toward the end of the war.

2003-10-24 16:50:01 ET

The ones I've been looking at are mostly 1942. Mausers seem to have been made all over Europe.

2003-10-24 16:55:27 ET

Oops! hit the wrong button

2003-10-24 16:58:02 ET

yeah, most occupied territories had plants to build them, in my house we have them from turkey, yugoslovia, germany, and spain. the spainard one is a post-war design that i mentioned before though. 1942 sounds like a good year for a nagant.

2003-10-24 17:06:06 ET

I've seen Mausers from Serbia,Bosnia,Yugoslav,and one made by Cz, and only 2 German ones.

2003-10-25 14:19:10 ET

i've used an M16A2 with M203 attachment (but it was in a videogame) ;-P

i want an AR-15's pretty similar to the M16 i believe

2003-10-25 14:21:05 ET

ar-15s are fun. they feel really springy to me, maybe it was just the olympic model i was using though.

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