2003-10-31 19:06:29 ET

o.k. wow i think i'm kinda drunk. my halloween party is going off without a hitch. lots of cool costumes. lots of food. tomorrow, we go haunted house hunting.

2003-10-31 19:08:10 ET

glad it went well, i think i missed the best part. =(

2003-10-31 19:11:17 ET

lol nah, just Pete being a little dizzy

2003-10-31 19:13:12 ET

did anybody cool show up after I lefted?

2003-10-31 19:13:39 ET


2003-10-31 19:32:54 ET

... You're hanging out on subkultures during your own party? o.O

2003-11-01 06:15:57 ET

you mean subkultures isn't a party? ;-P

2003-11-01 12:48:18 ET

Well sure, but... but live people and BOOZE, man!! Aren't those supposed to be things that people like? *dissilusioned, apparently*

2003-11-01 12:49:28 ET

lol I have to agree with Neko. I don't so much think that people came to my party to eachother or hang out. That fact that there was beer here brought 'em in.

2003-11-01 13:25:56 ET

Eh heh heh.. *cocky and victorious cuckle*

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