2003-11-04 15:32:14 ET

tomorrow morning i go to the promotion board to determine whether or not i am qualified to be come a sergeant. I'm a little nervous. I have been studying like mad and know most of the information, but i'm still nervous.

2003-11-04 15:33:13 ET

gut luck.

2003-11-04 15:33:55 ET

wow. That's great! Hope it all goes good. ^____^

2003-11-04 15:34:19 ET

good luck, man!

2003-11-04 15:34:20 ET

Good luck!!!

2003-11-04 15:57:56 ET

good luck, young hooah. just remember the board is only one source of points among several.

2003-11-04 16:09:45 ET

good luck, kick some ass and take some names and chew some bubble gum.

2003-11-04 17:19:20 ET

thank you everyone!

2003-11-04 17:21:07 ET

huskarl: you are very right. i saw your dd214 on your page. cool!!!

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