2003-11-26 21:54:02 ET

just got my desert b.d.u.'s
they fit fine

we got issued the boots as well

so, as of march of 04 you all will be corresponding with me in the desert that is the middle east

2003-11-26 22:06:43 ET

Oh, I bet youre excited about that....

2003-11-26 22:07:05 ET

ha, jumping for joy

2003-11-27 05:50:30 ET

do you have a promotion date ?

2003-11-27 06:58:35 ET

no, my points are still at 798 LOL i have 436, so i've got to do some correspondence courses to get my points higher. they should drop soon. I'm going to PLDC in January though.

2003-11-27 07:21:09 ET

holy crap what u gonna do over there?

play our boy's to sleep?

lil musicians wannabe humor

2003-11-27 09:07:36 ET

that's almost as bad as 98G was when I was in, points for E5 were in the upper 900s. people would take courses on railheading, rock-crushing, or ANYTHING just for points.

personally, I think they should have detailed MOS-specific tests so that there is more possibility to excel, and give people points that way.

2003-11-27 13:31:01 ET

*pretending I know what the hell you're talking about* stupid points...


2003-11-27 13:49:12 ET

its for rank advancemebnt in the military...

its ok hun

2003-11-27 18:51:21 ET

ahh... military jazz.

*twirls hair and giggles*


2003-11-27 18:53:32 ET

(this is where a tall, cut officer walks up and pulls out a one-liner)

2003-11-27 19:10:50 ET

Damn military men are so hott.....

2003-11-27 19:55:17 ET


2003-11-28 09:10:36 ET

gotta love those one-liners... (and those tall, cute officers...)

2003-11-28 13:23:37 ET

heh thats the road i was going down but i jumped ship right before i went to the Naval Academy.

just wasnt for me

2003-11-28 18:05:34 ET

(not really responding to anything, just in a good mood tonight)

2003-11-29 22:29:10 ET

i love a man in uniform.

2003-11-29 22:33:36 ET

Who doesnt? I get weak at the knees........

2003-11-29 22:33:58 ET

haha ditto.

2003-11-30 15:31:40 ET

o yeah... uniforms are hot. except pizza delivery uniforms... those just don't do it for me. =)

2003-11-30 15:32:43 ET

heh ur not down with the pizza dough boy goodness yo?

2003-11-30 15:33:56 ET

the uniform just doesn't get me going like, say, army uniforms do...

2003-12-01 03:22:45 ET



2003-12-01 12:57:00 ET

Tabby: *poses*

Prettygirl: weak in the knees? wow i didn't realize they worked that well

OFFICERS???? *spits*

2003-12-01 14:50:08 ET

*stuffs a dollar in your pocket*

2003-12-01 20:04:18 ET

Yep, sure do

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