shat on film
2003-12-18 19:01:07 ET

so, i just realized that i have not a single picture on my site of me smiling. phuking appropriate.

2003-12-18 19:01:46 ET

Fake one

2003-12-18 19:02:13 ET


2003-12-18 19:07:56 ET


2003-12-18 19:54:56 ET

yea whats up with that pete?!?!?!?! pix of smiles would be nice! ;P

2003-12-18 21:08:09 ET

just use smiley emoticons like this :-)

and people will be none the wiser :-D

2003-12-18 21:33:45 ET

good idea furax :) there

2003-12-25 19:31:16 ET

always complaining, always sick and sad. and that, dear, is sad. regardless of how shitty life is to you, you shouldnt let it affect you. and you shouldnt talk shit about people behind their back, because no matter what people always talk. and people always find out. so, think before you speak. i'm deleting you from my list. just so you know. ;) like i said think before you speak, and maybe your life wouldn't be so shitty. merry fucking christmas. whatever.
Zoe Rants.

2004-01-05 12:56:33 ET


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