somebody get this freakin duck away from me!
2004-01-15 15:04:10 ET

we went to the m16 range today. it was cold and rained all day, so it was the ideal U.S.Army training environment. Yeah, it was miserable. My body got numb after a bit, so the cold sensation was lessened until I stepped back out into the rain. I think I got mud in my joints. I did, however, qualify "sharpshooter today, so I was happy. overall rating: good training

2004-01-15 15:29:04 ET

Good job, buck-o! Ah, rain is fun... it loves you

2004-01-15 18:01:05 ET

mmmmmm....mud.....good military training indeed! take it you also have your pistol qual?

2004-01-15 18:02:18 ET

nope, i don't use a nine mil. just an m16 and an m203

2004-01-15 18:03:13 ET

eep.....always hated the m203.....just give me my chaplain will stay safe >:)

2004-01-15 21:56:47 ET

how could you hate an m203? it's a boomgun... BOOMGUN!, i say.
can't blow anything up with a 9mm now can you? ;-P

2004-01-16 09:41:45 ET

awww...that sucks...those ranges suck...been in 3...lemme tell you there is noo firm foot hold for ANYTHING! congrats on the sharpshooter daddy waaay awesome!!! <3 <3 <3 cannary

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