ruck up, troop!
2004-01-27 16:28:08 ET

check-off: one Delta duffle: packed
ehh roger that

2004-01-27 16:30:09 ET


gettin' close.

2004-01-27 16:31:29 ET

yup. stomach is churnin a little.

2004-01-27 16:33:03 ET

where you going??

2004-01-27 16:33:07 ET


2004-01-27 16:34:20 ET


2004-01-27 16:41:04 ET

i'll keep you in my prayers, bro.
you guys be safe out there!

2004-01-27 16:46:29 ET

NOOO DUDE.. dont go *cries like it's WW2 and my hubby is leaving*

I want to write ya when yer gone!

2004-01-27 17:17:58 ET

I wanna be able to keep in touch with you Pete!!

2004-01-27 19:20:08 ET

stop calling me roger... haha.....

::misses you::


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