and he shall imprison you and condemn you to death to test your mettle
2004-08-14 23:33:48 ET

latin band gig tonight. should be done about 23:00

probably going to be really tired afterward, but it should be a lot of fun.

2004-08-14 23:38:12 ET

Yeah.. Latin Band is cool and all but you will be crushed under the mighty power of Jazz Combo! Tremble in your boots!

2004-08-15 02:36:25 ET

*dances* These boots were made for walkin.... duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh!!

Sorry! lol <33333 XOXO

2004-08-15 04:53:32 ET

i don't think i have ever really heard latin music.

2004-08-16 05:13:35 ET

So ... how was latin band ? Did you have fun?

2004-08-16 09:02:27 ET

it wasn't the best concert we've ever played ,but i had fun.

2004-08-16 12:38:39 ET

well see .... you had fun =) that's good

2004-08-16 17:57:10 ET

is that title from scripture ?

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