2004-11-04 23:51:57 ET

you don't even see me...

2004-11-05 06:18:21 ET

well duh i can't see you. you're too far away. now...if you were like in my backyard, i could see you =)

2004-11-05 08:15:37 ET

everytime i visit your page stuff changes

2004-11-05 08:24:45 ET

i cant see you coz you deleted all ur pics and they all say NOOB.

2004-11-05 08:35:43 ET

are we playing peek-a-boo

2004-11-05 10:06:16 ET

Dat's some mighty fine camo there.

2004-11-07 22:53:04 ET

hehe you cant see me you cant see me... i'll get new pix up soon

2004-11-07 22:53:27 ET

kilted: ha ha thanks. its arctic cammo

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