blow'd up
2004-11-24 07:42:03 ET

So, the other night, 10 or 12 rockets flew into our camp at the same time while i was walking back to my hooch with my buddy. Most of them air-detonated, but these guys were good. and they are getting better. I thought we were done for. They were extremely close! We ran to a bunker but the attack stopped before we got there.

2004-11-24 08:03:09 ET

Oh god! That is unimaginable. I'm very glad you guys are safe. I also want to send out a huge and hearty HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and all your friends over there. I hope you guys are prepared a turkey the size of a small country ( and for the vegitarians, lots of potatos) and I hope for at the very least a short amount of time to enjoy the holiday.

2004-11-24 08:21:33 ET

I wish you a safe journey through this war, come home safe and well.

2004-11-24 09:11:13 ET

i wanna meet you after you get back to the US just to prove to myself that youre still alive.. man i wouldnt have the guts you have.

i almost went into the NAVY with my brother but talked myself out of it coz im a chicken.

2004-11-24 13:28:25 ET

close one.

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