2004-11-25 08:37:26 ET

for god sake. the world is a seriously fucked up place. and i'm not going elaborate on that. this day just keeps getting crazier

2004-11-25 08:38:21 ET

what in the flyin fuck just happened???

2004-11-25 08:43:38 ET

aside from the attack and the wounded and dead...

the second girl in a span of 6 months out of the blue has announced to me that:
1. she likes me (where the fuck did THAT come from)
2. that she is also MARRIED

SWEET FUCKING PRIEST, people! i mean come ON. what the fuck is wrong with you?

i am going to bed an pretend that this day just never happened.

2004-11-25 14:49:09 ET


2004-11-25 16:14:26 ET

::sends you some thanksgiving happiness with some of the food i made::

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