2004-12-07 19:24:18 ET

Fort Rucker here I come

2004-12-07 21:47:18 ET

*unsure* yay!

2004-12-07 23:13:28 ET

damn man. That place sucks but you will get to go to school and you are about 2 hours from Panama City Beach. The band hall is an old animal testing lab so there are drains in all the floors. It's kind of funny. My old commander is there now though. He is a geek but funny.

2004-12-08 05:56:40 ET

animal testing lab?! [cries on the inside]

2004-12-08 06:51:52 ET

it was the least of all the evils.
my choices were Korea, forts leonardwood, sill, rucker, jackson, or germany. and i'm NOT going to germany with all this crap going on

2004-12-08 06:56:12 ET

where is fort rucker??

2004-12-08 08:00:07 ET

in alabama

2004-12-08 08:11:13 ET

thats right next to me!! im in GA

2004-12-08 08:13:14 ET


2004-12-08 08:14:13 ET

we can have "SK MEET EAST COAST"

2004-12-08 08:25:33 ET

yay! my life is now complete. :-)

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